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Both of the Eight Diagrams in Chinese mythology and Sixty Four Diagrams in Chinese mythology indicated in the Book of Changes represent that Heaven Hexagram and Earth Hexagram mean Heaven, Earth and Parents, led by Heaven Hexagram. “Yuan Hen Li Chen”(元亨利貞) is a short statement for Heaven Hexagram, representing the persistent and unobstructed benefit recoverable through legitimate channels. Our logo is transformed from the “Tai Chi" device, in which the characters “Yuan Chen”(元貞) carry the definition represented by Heaven Hexagram and its short statement to reflect our founding spirit and management philosophy, while the English word “Primordial” is adopted as it carries the definition reflecting the origin of all God’s creation, expecting that we may follow the natural law, maintain sustainable operation and benefit the public.



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Criminal Cases
Criminal Cases

A person will be deemed "committing crime” whe…

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Intellectual Property Rights

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